Do you know what you need to create your own seniors residence?

Who will be my user?
- 65 years old or over, including peopled whose situation doesn't allow them to remain in their place of residence;
- Under the age of 65, in specific situations, due to the absence, impossibility or need of rest of their caregiver.

How many users will my residence have?
A residential structure for elderly people is considered so bennining whit a minimum of 4 residents and reaching a maximum of 120 residents.

What types of accommodation can there be?
Accommodation is available in the form of rooms, apartments and / or villas.

What are the functional areas to consider?
- Front desk/Reception;
- Management, technical and administrative services;
- Personnel facilities;
- Living and entertainment areas;
- Dining areas;
- Accommodation;
- Kitchen and laundry;
- Medical/Nursing services;
- Support services.

What institutions regulate my seniors residence?
- Municipality
- Social Security
- Public Health Unit (USP)
- National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC)
What specific legislation to consult?
- The Portaria n.º 67/2012 de 21 de Março, definning the conditions of organization, conduct and installation to which residential structures for elderly people must comply.

Why is it necessary to contact an architect?
The architect is the only qualified technician to carry out your project and present it in the regulator institutions, streamlining the entire creative and administrative process, and ensuring that at the time of its inauguration, your seniors residence is equipped with everything you need.

Speak with us and come bring shape to your Seniors Residence.
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