Already know about the Almada's Urban Rehabilitation Area?
The areas included in the revitalization process of the historical centers are spread between Almada, Cacilhas, Trafaria, Pragal, Monte de Caparica and Cova da Piedade.
Know that you have more benefits when rehabilitating:

- IMI exemption up to 5 years;
- IMT exemption;
- Exemption of municipal fees for the constitution of horizontal property, occupation of public space due to works and inspections;
- 50% reduction in other administrative fees charged by the city council;
- Access to support and tax incentives for urban rehabilitation, regarding to IVA (reduction from 23% to 6%), IRS and IRC.

See all the information in the page of Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation and the Municipality of Almada

And count on our help to implement your project !!
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